Executive Board

Cees Hartmans

Chief Executive Officer

Cees Hartmans is the Chief Executive Officer of URUS. He took on this role after serving as the CEO of Alta Genetics and Koepon Holding since 1999. His vision for URUS is to combine the best of the cooperative and private business approaches into the world’s leading company for cattle breeding and herd management information.

Gregg Topoleski

Chief Financial Officer

Gregg Topoleski serves as Chief Financial Officer for Urus.  With over 23 years in Finance, he has developed a deep operational and strategic skillset that will complement the URUS leadership team.  Before joining URUS, most recently, Gregg served as a Finance Executive for Exact Sciences and 3M/KCI.  He started his career with GE in the Healthcare and Industrial Technologies divisions.


Paul Hunt

Chief Operating Officer

Paul Hunt serves as a Chief Operating Officer within URUS.  In this role he provides leadership and support to GENEX, PEAK and the URUS aspects of Corporate Development, People Development and Distribution.  Currently the CEO of PEAK prior to the creation of URUS Paul was the Alta Genetics COO since 2004. Paul has spent his entire career within URUS and its predecessors. 

Kevin Muxlow

Chief Operating Officer

Kevin Muxlow is a Chief Operating Officer for URUS.  He has a leadership focus on Alta Genetics, Jetstream Genetics, SCCL and VAS businesses while also building culture, strategy and supporting growth across the URUS Group.  Kevin is currently the CEO of Alta Genetics, originally starting with the company in 2005 in marketing, people development, and sales leadership roles.