SCCL is a biosciences company that develops and produces innovative products from dairy cow colostrum. Scientists at SCCL have developed methods of accurately measuring key immunological, metabolic and nutritional components found in colostrum.

They produce natural, spray-dried colostrum via their proprietary processing method to preserve the levels of key components. This natural colostrum maintains the specific levels of important elements designed to assure optimal immune function immunity against and provide key growth and metabolic factors to optimize bovine calf care and development.

Buying excess colostrum from 5000+ dairy farmers across North America (Canada, USA, Mexico) and a growing supply in Europe (Scotland), the SCCL supply chain supports the dairy economy by turning waste into revenue.

The SCCL processes assure that all-natural, safe, stable, efficacious colostrum can be available to dairy and beef producers at the time of calving. Producers intent on achieving the genetic potential they have invested in, understand that optimizing inputs allows for optimized output.

SCCL aims to be the global leader in the creation, production and application of all-natural veterinary biological grade colostrum products and protocols. These products include HEADSTART, Calf’s Choice Total, Colostro Bovino Completo, Colostrum Po, Colostrum 200 and many private label presentations.