AgSource, a cooperative business, is the only full-service dairy management information provider in the USA, conducting research and development, field data collection, laboratory analysis and diagnostics, meter service and outreach and education, resulting in high-quality decision tools. The organization has two divisions: Dairy and Laboratories.

AgSource Dairy continues to provide for the changing needs of members and customers with advanced management reports, such as the Transition Cow Index® and KetoMonitor® and popular programs like AgSourceDM™ and MyAgSource®.

Through strategic acquisition of several laboratories, industry collaboration and futuristic tools like Soil Health test, AgSource Laboratories has become a leader in agricultural and environmental laboratory analysis and information management services and has become one of the largest soil testing organizations in the USA.


Some would be content to remain as they are today, but AgSource and its staff will not waiver in the continuous pursuit of measurable progress. In cooperation with partners, AgSource strives to research and develop improved management decision tools, working together for the overall benefit of members and customers and the agriculture industry as a whole. AgSource drives progress around the globe by transforming meaningful data into innovative solutions.

Mission statement

AgSource delivers quality, timely and accurate analysis, providing valuable information and innovative solutions to improve decisions and profitability of members and customers.

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